Daniel Baker and his Aunt in front of the house his Nan lived at as a child

2016 – Thoughts and achievements

So the year didn’t start well, a lack of care staff, being treated badly by people I thought were friends or at least cared about me, loss and things generally going badly in 2015. I made a decision to take control of things, sort out my health as best as possible

A photograph of the front of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

I have been struggling a bit with being in my chair, my chest has been achey when first getting up and I’ve been having to recline after a while as I come over feeling nauseous and like I may pass out, I needed this trip to prove to myself that I was still capable of going further than the local shops and that this wasn’t the symptom of something more serious.

Daniel Baker's Family History Photographs - A picture of Audrey Kentv in an old fashioned nurses uniform

Moments in Time – Audrey Kent

Hullavington – Audrey Kent My Great Aunt, Audrey Kent, used to live in a lovely little village called Hullavington, she was the village nurse and delivered a lot of the children there, they called her simply Nurse Kent, she never married, being a nurse meant giving up on having a family and although she fell in[…]

June – Friends

Picture of a sign with tents behind and sun low in the sky

So this past week has turned out to be pretty good, last weekend my best friend visited from Manchester, on Friday we all went to see X-Men Days of future past, a fun movie and the first I’ve watched in 3D at a cinema and also the first time I’ve taken my Goddaughter since 2000 when we saw

Bristol Zoo on The Train


I had decided a while ago I should really try travelling on the train again, things must have improved since I was last on one in my late teens, driving is also becoming difficult for Mum, so I picked a nice day and decided to go to Bristol Zoo as it isn’t too far and I’d never been before.