Missing you Nan

Me & Nan

Another year and another October 17th, the sixth anniversary of  Nan passing away, I’ve had a good morning, visited the ‘Butterfly Garden’ and had a tour from the owner.  It’s at the back of a nursery, Nan loved visiting garden centers and nurseries, couldn’t help thinking of her, especially looking at the pansies.  This afternoon the news broke that Gloucestershire coroner Alan Crickmore has admitted to £2m fraud, memories of reading Nan’s coroners report come back, he wrote it.  I have been sleeping holding my Rosary beads again, I’m not Catholic, my Granddad brought them home from the war and gave them to me as a child, remember him laying in our backroom telling me their story before he died, I let Nan hold them so she could feel me close when she was admitted to hospital, she died holding them, I love you Nan and will always miss you, can hear your voice and see your face.

Nan's Garden


Watching Me

My Guardian Angel

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One thought on “Missing you Nan

  • Sending all my love and hugs to you Daniel.

    Your nan is so very proud of the man you have become, I know that.

    I am so sorry this time of year is so very hard for you.

    Love you always

    Your best friend and sort of sister


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