WorldWind Central is back!

We at the Free Earth Foundation apologise for the recent downtime on WorldWind Central, we had a pretty bad crash and lost our RAID array, our server admin f0urtyfive did some great work in recovering data from a damaged disk. We have lost about one week of forum posts unfortunately but should be back up[…]

Notes to self (and anybody else who is interested) on building World Wind in release mode.

As most World Wind developers know getting it to build in release mode doesn’t ‘just work’, I think I have managed to get it to work again tonight, so here are the steps so I don’t forget. 1 – Check the Microsoft.DirectX References in all projects, if the version is delete it then add[…]

Some links to higher resolution versions of my videos

As YouTube doesn’t support decent resolutions yet here are some links to higher resolution/better quality versions of some of my clips, be warned some are big others are huge, they are in either xvid , QT MP4(h.264) or wmv so you may need to install some codecs, enjoy. WWJ Cascades Earth Day Google Ocean Las[…]