Updates – CHC, Wheelchair, DFG & Change of Care Agency

I decided I really should update my blog with what has been happening recently, I apologise for not updating it sooner, I have no excuse, I’m just lazy when it comes to these things. The biggest update is that I have finally changed care agencies, I have had issues with my agency for years but[…]

Gloucestershire Personal Health Budget Pilot – Post 2

I had a visit last week from the NHS regarding the PHB pilot, it was really just a baseline assessment, they will come back again in six months to see if anything has changed, hopefully this means I will be getting my budget soon. The man from the NHS filled out a pretty standard research[…]

Gloucestershire Personal Health Budget Pilot – Post 1

There is currently a move to push Personal Health Budgets by the government to give patients/service users more control see this NHS page. The University of Kent, University of York, Imperial College, London and the London school of economics¬†have joined up for a Government funded research project to assess how well PHB’s work for NHS[…]