The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire Award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community

I met Charles Martell, The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, at the end of October while helping support the Forest of Dean branch of MDUK launch their promotion of the annual Spirit of Christmas concert.  Little did I know he’d end up presenting me with The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire Award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community at the concert this Tuesday!

Daniel Baker in a transporter prop at Destination Star Trek

Birthday Week and Weekend at Destination Star Trek 2018

Last week was my Birthday, it’s always a tough week as my Nan passed away a few hours before my Birthday several years ago, the first few  years afterwards I didn’t celebrate at all, now I have sadness but try to enjoy it. At the beginning of last week was my last mindful photography course,[…]

A photograph of Daniel Baker in Black Park surrounded by pine trees

Summer fun

So my PA booked two weeks off, usually this would be a big problem for me as I’d miss out on getting up and going out, in the summer it’s even worse as not being able to get out in the sunshine sends me into very low moods.  This time was different though, I’ve managed[…]

Daniel Baker wearing a grey hat in Gloucester Cathedral gardens

Gloucester Citizen Article on Duchenne

In the lead up to Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Spirit of Christmas concert I was asked to write an article for the local paper, I have been pretty honest and open this year so I decided I’d follow that theme and write an honest Gloucester Citizen Article on Duchenne, it’s not my best writing, or favourite article, but is from the heart and has had a good response from people.

Carrie Fisher in a pink/purple tie died top sitting down leaning over and touching my wheelchair tray, me in a grey hat in my wheelchair

LFCC 2014 – The one where Princess Leia fondles my beard

Well Sunday was the big day, I’d bought tickets, printed routes, worked out a schedule and even made an ID badge for my PA, all of this preparation wasn’t for an invasion or coup (although that’s a good idea), it was for comiccon!

Bristol Zoo on The Train


I had decided a while ago I should really try travelling on the train again, things must have improved since I was last on one in my late teens, driving is also becoming difficult for Mum, so I picked a nice day and decided to go to Bristol Zoo as it isn’t too far and I’d never been before.

Early Access to Medicines

I’m no expert on this subject but I think it’s an important one, it’s a fairly new idea which hopes to cut the red tape and drive innovation in the medical field. Medicine along with many other branches of science has been somewhat stagnating since the end of the last century, before that we had a great boom, the space race was a great example of man pushing things to there limits, but there were accidents and casualties along the way and these have made governments, companies and people scared, more and more regulations have been put in place to safeguard people. Early access to medicines doesn’t want to scrap all regulations and put people in danger, it wants to encourage innovation and help people who have no other chance, people will be informed of the risks and able to choose whether or not to try a drug that hasn’t been through every possible rigorous trial before being approved,this takes years, and some people just don’t have that time, we need to honour the people who have fought and taken risks by being more adventurous ourselves, don’t let fear kill thousands more, push for early access, put pressure on MP’s, make the big drug companies see it’s worth the risk and help the small companies get their possibly life saving drugs on the market.