Quick and dirty xml for World Wind .NET

I was reading the forum at last and came across someone mentioning Danish imagery in World Wind Java, this seemed a bit unfair to .NET users so I downloaded the WWJ SDK and converted the data from Scankort to a .NET xml, I also included the California NAIP (slow speeds) and open street map layers.[…]

NASA World Wind – Hurricane Katrina Add-On fixed

The old version of this Add-On pointed to our old server, Nowak has moved this data to a working server, and tilepacked it too,   you can download both an exe and a zip with the updated xml from this webpage – Katrina Data Add-On The Add-On has the NOAA Katrina aftermath imagery properly orientated[…]

Hurricane Ike imagery in World Wind

Chad has a post showing Ike imagery in World Wind http://earthissquare.com/2008/09/16/hurricane-ike-imagery-outside-of-google/ This is in the Zoomit! layer, to access it open up Layer Manager, click the arrow next to Zoomit! then the arrow next to NOAA Hurricane ERI and tick the box next to Ike, then zoom in to see the devastation.