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NASA WorldWind Job Opportunity

  I worked closely with the NASA WorldWind team when they were using Microsoft’s .NET, things have changed and evolved since then but Patrick Hogan still manages the project, he’s a good guy who I can now call a friend as well as colleague, this is an exciting opportunity for anyone with the skills required and[…]

NASA World Wind 1.2 Release and Webinar Sessions

NASA World Wind open source – cross platform – open standards World Wind Release 1.2 On Tuesday July 19th, 2011 we are releasing World Wind 1.2. Please join us that day for the webinar, where we’ll describe the release contents and the new resources available to help and guide World Wind developers. We’ll also discuss[…]

NASA World Wind wins NASA Software of the Year award

At long last NASA has given credit to World Wind, Patrick Hogan, Project Manager for World Wind at NASA Ames, has just let me know that NASA has awarded this years Software of the Year award to NASA World Wind. Details are posted on the community run  forum at WorldWind Central, Patrick goes on to[…]

NASA World Wind Server downtime this weekend

The NASA World Wind Servers will be down for maintenance this weekend, this means unless you have your data cached locally you won’t get any imagery, for .NET you will also experience long load times and possibly no toolbar, for Java apps I’m not quite sure what problems will occur. The WorldWind Central server will[…]

NASA meatball

Some new World Wind Java videos

Thanks to SchoeningJohannes for giving me links to these cool NASA World Wind Java videos, I have added them to the World Wind YouTube group, so have a look and enjoy. The Risk game is pretty neat, but my favourite is the use of multi touch combined with a Wii fit board for navigation combined[…]

USG World Wind Conference

Chad has written a nice article on the recent World Wind Conference aimed at Government agencies, the main focus seems to have been World Wind Java, but as shown by the John Hopkins University .NET is still used, for more information please visit The Earth is Square, and if anyone is interested in funding World[…]

NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6 – Video

To follow up on my post about the new nightly builds of World Wind Java I have put together a video clip, also I didn’t mention it in the last post but the builds are version 0.6 of the SDK. I’ll put a short description of how I made the video at the bottom of[…]

NASA World Wind Java – Nightly builds available

Fresh news from Tom Gaskins lead developer of World Wind Java, a nightly build server has been made available to the public, he also explains why SVN is not currently viable for the project. As I mentioned earlier, it’s been difficult to find time to get the code into a solid release state and do[…]

Spatial Cloud – Open Source Java virtual globe

It looks like World Wind Java may have some competition, I read about this on Slashgeo, it sounds pretty interesting, from the Spatial Cloud website – SpatialCloud is a new way of viewing, creating, and distributing maps. The project includes an independent open-source 3D Viewer (globe) and flexible commercial Web Services to handle enterprise-class processing,[…]