Wheelchair Services – No adaptations to private chairs

I have made a few enquiries regarding Wheelchair Services adapting private chairs, all have hit a brick wall, the last person I asked was the secretary to the chief executive of NHS Gloucestershire, I can’t go much higher although I will try, below is the letter of reply regarding this –     Not Particularly[…]

Wheelchair Services – Update 3

Wheelchair Services have contacted me again to arrange another visit in roughly two weeks time, they are going to bring an Invacare TDX SP and a rep from Invacare with them, while this chair isn’t perfect it’s a big step up from the Spectra they had originally decided on.  The lesson here is NEVER accept[…]

Wheelchair Services – Update 2

The meeting with wheelchair services went pretty well, far better than I had expected, the O.T. had a totally different attitude, not sure if it was due to my emails or not, and the rehab engineer (who I’ve known for ages) was great, they will probably end up offering me a decent chair, maybe a[…]

Please consider donating to help me buy a power chair

    I am having trouble getting a suitable, or in fact any, wheelchair from wheelchair services, I have done a lot of research and found the cheapest suitable option to be a Sunrise Medical Quickie F55 power chair, this with the necessary adaptations will cost over £8000! So I am asking you to please[…]

WCS – Update 1

I have had a reply from Ms.Bush, who I had asked for temporary batteries for my old chair until our meeting, here it is – I have checked with the repair service engineers who have looked at alternative temporary batteries, and the possibility of just having power to the controller to operate tilt/recline was explored,[…]