Daniel Baker's Family History Photographs - A picture of Audrey Kentv in an old fashioned nurses uniform

Moments in Time – Audrey Kent

Hullavington – Audrey Kent My Great Aunt, Audrey Kent, used to live in a lovely little village called Hullavington, she was the village nurse and delivered a lot of the children there, they called her simply Nurse Kent, she never married, being a nurse meant giving up on having a family and although she fell in[…]

No Justice in the UK – Nurse attackers given not guilty verdict on technicalities

The Gloucestershire Echo has a story on a nurse attacked just before Christmas, the two criminals were given a sentence of not guilty on technicalities, mainly due to the police messing up the identification line up, the full story is at This is Gloucestershire. Unfortunately comments are not being accepted there so I will leave[…]