Watching Warblers West credits showing credit to Daniel Baker

Intermission – Watching Warblers West

I thought I’d post something lighter after the last two posts, I’ll hopefully do the final (for now) instalment of that soon.¬† I have been transferring my DVD/Bluray collection to a media server so I don’t have to ask someone every time I want to watch a firm or TV show, during this I came across something I’d completely forgotten about, a DVD labelled¬†Watching Warblers West.

Early Access to medicine – Gloucestershire Echo

The Gloucestershire Echo contacted me to ask my thoughts on the governments new early access to medicine scheme, the article was well written and crafted, it’s good to see reporters not using patronising or disabling wording as is often the case, well done to Michael and the Echo.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

I was asked to write something by a friend for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I have written a post on barriers I have personally faced and some of my experiences over on the You’re Welcome website, hopefully it’s interesting.