NASA World Wind on

I recently received an email from Spoon asking if I had any objections to them putting NASA World Wind on their site, they are teaming up with SourceForge to convert the best Windows apps on their service. Spoon is a site which takes Windows programs and apps and uses a special app virtualization technique to[…]

Lide 35 scanner

Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix

Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix (also works on Windows 10) So I was fairly happy with Windows 7 except for one thing, my canon Canon LiDE 35 scanner would just not install, I tried Vista drivers, 64 and 32 bit versions, XP drivers, drivers that weren’t even for my scanner, I also[…]

General updates

First off I’m downloading Windows 7 Beta, so I may kill my PC, if I vanish you know why, you can get it from I had a bit of trouble getting it to download, I ended up having to use IE to view the download pages source, then paste the url beginning….. into[…]