World Prematurity Day 2013 Post – Hugs

Nurse hugging me

I wasn’t premature and don’t have any children obviously, but do have lots of amazing friends who have had premature babies, some that survived, others that sadly didn’t make it, so I am writing a short post on hugs for my friend Kylie who works for Bliss.

I am a very reserved person, I don’t like huge shows of emotion, I’m most definitely my Nan’s Grandson, but sometimes a hug is needed and nice, I can’t imagine the longing and pain a parent must feel when they can’t hold their own baby, I would want to take it out of the incubator and pull the wires off!

And that is my angle on hugs, I can’t just pick up a baby and hug them no matter how much I want too, I can’t put my arms round a friend and squeeze them and I can’t comfort someone who is in tears, they have to initiate it.  I usually don’t like hugs or affection as I’ve said, this makes things even harder, I can’t show if I want a hug, I see it as weakness, always have, but I so much want to hold that baby, comfort that friend and I’m sure I’d want to hug a partner too.

Make the most of your hugs, show someone you care, they are precious.

Baby sitting on my wheelchair tray

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4 thoughts on “World Prematurity Day 2013 Post – Hugs

  • When Bliss first announced the “Impossible Hug” video I thought of you.

    Having been your best friend for over a year now and been blessed enough to share hugs with you, I forget.

    To me you hug with your eyes, and your heart.

    It’s not impossible.

    You are amazing, and thank you so much for opening your heart I know it wasn’t easy for you to do.

  • I remember the pain of not being able to hold my baby, when she felt like she didnt belong to me locked in that incubator. Wonderful post for a wonderful cause Daniel.

    H x

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